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 Lost/Dropped Items

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PostSubject: Lost/Dropped Items   Sat Jun 09, 2007 8:26 pm

This is to inform everybody that the Game Masters WILL NOT replace LOST ITEMS due to the following cases:

* Lost when killed by a monster anytime.
* Lost when killed during PK period.
* Lost when killed through Force PK.
* Lost when killed by a monster during an event.
* Lost due to lag and connection problems.
* Accidentally dropped by a player at any time & being picked up by another player.
* Accidentally dropped by a player at any time & not picked up by another player causing the item to disappear.
* Scammed/hacked (but will give corresponding actions to the offenders).

However, items may be replaced or returned if the items were:

* Dropped when a GM accidentally killed a player.
* Looted by a GM when a player was killed.

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Lost/Dropped Items
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