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PostSubject: QUEST GUIDE FOR PASSING TRU B3   Sat Jun 16, 2007 9:51 pm

Leonine Quest List :

1. Special Agent Test ---------------(task at Special Agent)
= Kill 20 Sacred Guard Defender

2. Special Agent Request -----------(task at Special Agent)
= Get 20 bandage from Mummy

3. Investigate Leonair Campus---- (task at Special Agent)
* Find Banshee at entrance of Main Campus Center
= Get 5 leaves from Smallpox
Reward: Exp 4000

4. Investigate Leonair Main Campus (task at Special Agent)
= Find Leonair Student Director

5. Spirit Request (to get in Leonair Main Campus) (task at Banshee)
= Get 2 Encyclopedia from Poison Ivy
= Get 8 feathers from Shadow Crow

( Cont. Investigate Leonair Campus task)
= Ask situation about Leonair Campus

6. Take Back Video Tape (task at Leonair Student Director)
= Find Leonair Technical Teacher (2f)
= Request Video Tape

7. Leonair Technical Teacher Request (task at Leo Tech Teacher) (Another task)
= Collect 2 food from Boney
= Pass things to eat

( Cont. Take Back Video Tape task)
= Talk to Leonair Student Director

8. Recovering the Key (task at Leonair Zopar) (Another task)
= Talk to Leonair Zopar (Find at 2F Leonair Campus)

( Cont. Take Back Video Tape task)
=Talk to Leonair School Director

9. Transmiting Video Tape (task from Leonine Student Director)
= Talk to Special Agent
= pass the videotape/cassette to the special agent
Reward: Exp 15000, Red bead

10. Mission for Video Tape Recovery (task at Special Agent)
= Look for The Image Expert (Find at Trading Hole - Near Police Station)

11. Image Expert Request (task at Special Agent) (Another Task)
= Talk to TH Police
= Talk to Special Agent
Reward: Dynamic coat & skirt/pants C [+3] [+9 elemental resistance]?

12. Obtain the Leonair College ID Card
From: Special Agent
* Ask about spore allergy and ask about the special ID card
* Talk to your school's Student Director who will require you to go to Leo 3F
Reward: Gold 100000, Skill pt. 1
Notes: You may use the bus and select Campus Square>Entrance. This will take you the market and you can then proceed to the your respective Buggy and on to the Campus.
To get back to Leo, use the bus in the market and select SG Hole>Sacred Gate T-junction

13. Go to The Basement 2 in Leonair Campus' [ task at Student Director (own School) ]
= Get the elevator at 3rd floor Leonair Campus (the stair to 3F is near to Leonair Zopar room)
= Talk to Leonair Student's Director
= Searching secret code (Get it from Ironman at 3F Leonair Campus)
= Talk to Elevator

Now u will go to B2... the gate to B3 is at 018 022 on the map


- Videotape Recovery
Reqs: lvl 86, finished "Through the Tunnel" quest to be able to access Trading Hole
From Special Agent in SG Hole
* Talk to Image Expert in Trading Hole
Reward: Exp 20000, Gold 10000
Notes: Use the Bus Stop at Sacred Gate T-junction and select Trading Hole>Police Station

- Searching for the First Aid Kit??
From: Leonine Nurse (1F)
* Enter Leonine Campus B1
* Elimate Head Nurse 10 to obtain the medicine kit
Reward : Fine Burr, Lux Prot Pot

- Zopar's Quest
From: Zopar @ Leo 2F
* Get gloves? from Lockers, back to Zopar, get towel? from Welfare Merchant area, back to Zopar, then back to Leo Student Director
Reward: 9 Spiritual Spheres
Notes: Janitors [1f] and Boneys|Ninjas [2F] deal a lot of damage. Be prepared to use pots while running.

- Request by Mr. No-Name
From: Mr No. Name @ Leo Campus 1F
* Get 10 meats from janitors

- Cleaning the Spores
From: Previous quest
* Get spore from Trapper Plant
Reward: 10 Spiritual Spheres

- Producing the Medications for the Allergy
* Get ingredients
* Give ingredients to SG Ring Nurse

* Better hav bus card coz of long journey....
* Better bring a friend for buddy card abuses....
* You can now enter b3 @100...

hope this will help to those who do not know the quest..^^,\m/ Enjoy
make this STICKY PLEASE...tnx
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PostSubject: Re: QUEST GUIDE FOR PASSING TRU B3   Sun Jun 17, 2007 3:49 am

Good Job Mr. Ezpada...

more power


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