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 How to Report Properly?

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PostSubject: How to Report Properly?   Sat Jun 23, 2007 7:40 am

Kindly follow the format below or else, we will ignore your report.

Post the following info.:

[BM] for BadMouth or Vulgarity/Harassment Reports
[KS] for Kill-Stealed
[FPK] for Forced Player Kill

example.: [KS] Achi


Here are the tips for BADMOUTHS:

1.If he said the badmouth word... Try to Widen your chat bar and Print Screen it quickly
2.One Screenie should be enough.... Now go to the folder where it is saved..
3.In the Forums... Use ADDITIONAL OPTIONS and browse the screenie on your folder.
4.Wait until a GM decides if the case is either Guilty or NOT.

for Kill Stealers:

1.If he kill steals you at least 2-3 times.... try getting the pic of him while attacking your mob
2.Tell him to stop or "NO KS pls"
3.If he did not stop Screenie it again at least 2 times.
4.The ff. screenie that should be provided to GM
-the screenie which attacks your mob
-the screenie which you said WAG SAWSAW PLS
-the screenie he badmouths or Kill steals again.
5.Wait for the GM to decide if the report is either successful or CLOSED.

for FPK:

1. If he kill you or your partymates several times.. try get screen shots while attacking you or your partymate/s.
2.Tell him to stop or "Don't Kill me pls."
3.If he didn't stop take a screen shots again at least 2 times.
4.Then report.
5.Wait until a GM decides if the case is either Guilty or NOT.

More Power..

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How to Report Properly?
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